La Tanière du Dragon (dragon’s lair)

Only in Disneyland Paris can you walk through the cave of a Disney castle, and only there can you see the living Sleeping Beauty’s Dragon hiding underneath.

Those not familiar with the french tongue are in for quite a shock.

This marvelous size large animatronics lives and breath in the dark for all to see. Waking up every now and then to produce the terifying roar anyone’s expecting from such a ferocious creature.

Alain Littaye‘s From Sketch to Reality

The lair is faithful to this early concept.

There are three not so obvious accesses to this walk by attraction. Two are right underneath the castle on moat level. The third one is inside one of the Sleeping Beauty Castle’s isle shop. The last one presents itself as a secret passage in the back of the shop that leads straight down to the lair.

Enlarge so Tink and Jiminy show the spots…

This is not a much publicized detail of the french Kingdom, but is definitely worth a stop. Let’s not spoil it by too many pictures and descriptions. Though those familiar with the Dragon or those not afraid to loose the element of surprise can easily find on the internet dozens of pictures and videos of this marvel of animatronics.

Sorry no spoiler, just a glimpse of the beast

There used to be another Dragon in Tokyo Disneyland which, to be witness of, you had to do the “Castle Mystery Tour”, a walkthrough dark ride in the form of a castle visit. Sadly this closed in 2006 and since then Only in Disneyland Paris can you see an almost real Disney Dragon.

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