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Spectromagic !

This wonderful parade has never been featured at any other Disney location ! It is the Magic Kingdom’s evening signature and deserve all the attention it can get as a Kingdom’s Parade ! Openned in 1991 for a first run that ended in may 1999, Spectromagic came back 2 years later for a second run [...]

5 Parade Routes

Everybody knows its home park parade route by heart, being able to define the best spot to watch it, or the best short cuts to avoid it, but what about the other parks ? What about the 5 Parade Routes of the 5 Magic Kingoms ? Disneyland (above) being the first parade hosting park bares [...]

Trash Can Trio !

Now this post is not gonna learn anything new to the Californian Disney fans but for all the others… Only perfoming in Disneyland is the Disneyland’s Trash Can Trio ! Those three janitors pop up from nowhere in Tomorrowland and buff together using their cleaning tools. It’s really fun discovering them, especially when you have [...]