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China Voyager

There are only two Chinese restaurants in the 5 Kingdoms (and not so many more in the whole Disney world). The first one is Hong Kong Disneyland’s Plaza Inn whose only uniqueness is its Chinese servings. Only in Tokyo can you eat in a unique Chinese restaurant. The story of this humble counter service, all [...]

La Tanière du Dragon (dragon’s lair)

Only in Disneyland Paris can you walk through the cave of a Disney castle, and only there can you see the living Sleeping Beauty’s Dragon hiding underneath. This marvelous size large animatronics lives and breath in the dark for all to see. Waking up every now and then to produce the terifying roar anyone’s expecting from [...]

Alice In Wonderland Ride

Alice is present in many forms in every Kingdoms but only in Disneyland can you ride an authentic Alice in Wonderland Dark ride. It mimics those classical carnival dark rides which had its guest travel both indoor and outdoor. The ride opened in 1958 with a little bit of delay but turned out to be [...]

Silver Spur Steakhouse

Paris’ Le Parc Disneyland holds many table service fine restaurants. So naturally only in its Thunder Mesa can you enjoy a fancy dinner in a location themed after the pricey premises of 19th century western America. It’s hard to find information about its ‘Storyline’ but it suits perfectly the one of Thunder Mesa, a striving [...]

Plaza Gardens Stage

It all comes from a misplaced Bandstand. As everyone knows, on the blueprints of Disneyland, the bandstand was supposed to sit in the middle of Town Square for everyone to see it. But once the workers had put it down, Walt Disney realised it blocked the view to its Castle. 2 days before opening, Walt [...]

March Hare Refreshments

    Only in Disneyland Paris can you seat by the March Hare house and watch the everspinning Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, rythmed by the very few apparitions of the Tea Pot dipping Dormouse. This Alice themed area has been built with the park and openned in 1992 along with Alice Curious Labyrinth and Mad [...]

Spectromagic !

This wonderful parade has never been featured at any other Disney location ! It is the Magic Kingdom’s evening signature and deserve all the attention it can get as a Kingdom’s Parade ! Openned in 1991 for a first run that ended in may 1999, Spectromagic came back 2 years later for a second run [...]

The Arcades

When designing the blueprints of Euro Disneyland, Imagineers thought wise to add covered passage on each side of Main Street. It echoed the famous parisian passages and offered a warm shelter along side Main Street for the rainy/cold winter times of Saint Denis plane. In any weather you could still confortably walk up Main Street [...]

Sailing Ship Columbia

By reading this title and not knowing your Kingdoms very well you could swear this wonderful watercraft is in Walt Disney World docked by the Land from the same era : Liberty Square. Well no ! Walt Disney World’s Kingdom doesn’t have a sail ship, actually no Kingdom does but Disneyland. There, not only can [...]

Columbia Harbour House

Liberty Square holds some boutique gems as well as the Bell… But another Liberty beauty which takes most of its north end is Columbia Harbour House a large counter service restaurant only to be found in the only to have a Pilgrim themed land Kingdom : the officialy named floridian Magic Kingdom. Columbia Harbour House [...]